State of Affairs of Ethnic Relations

Thanks to the guarantee through laws, regulations and policies and the advocation and efforts of government agencies at different levels, the slogan put forward by the CPC Xinjiang Committee —“Everyone is aware of ethnic unity, everyone advocates ethnic unity, everyone understands ethnic policies and everyone contributes to ethnic unity” has gradually become the code of […]

A Zoroastrian house

With the increase of Sogdian merchants and immigrants in the Tang Dynasty, Zoroastrianism also developed in the Western Regions. According to blume 198, Old Book of Tang, “the state of Sulek traditionally worshipped the god of heaven”, and “the state of Yutian worshipped Zoroastrian god and advocated Buddhism”. The incomplete Geography of Shazhou and Yizhou […]

Peaceful Uprising in Xinjiang

On September 24, Tao Zhiyue put forward Opinions on the Peaceful Resolution of Xinjiang on behalf of Xinjiang’s military and political authorities to the CPC Central Committee. In that document, apart from repeating items agreed upon in previous consultations, Tao Zhiyue also provided specific opinions concerning the military and administrative aspects of the three regions […]

Xinjiang gradually achieved social stability, economic development

From 1912 to 1928, the warlord Yang Zengxin controlled Xinjiang for 17 long years and had a closed-door and separatist rule there. During that period, despite the coveting Tsarist Russia over the border and the entangled internal social conflicts as well as the poor military and financial foundation, Xinjiang gradually achieved social stability, economic development […]

8 generations of the heroic family of Manas

Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. The eight singing scripts—Manas, Samatay, Saytek, Kaynim, Syet, Albaqa andBekbaqa, Sombilek, and Qigtai, total 200,000 lines altogether and describe the story of 8 generations of the heroic family of Manas fighting for the survival of the people. The scripts are a magnificent and glorious literature, […]

Hulasan Khan of Shazhou Uighur

In 1028 (the 6th year of Tiansheng reign of Song Dynasty), the Western Xia troops captured Ganzhou City. The Uighur Khan, Yaglok Tunsun, “fled in haste,,,putting an end to the rule of Ganzhou Uighur in the Hexi area. Followingthe fall of the regime, the majority of the Uighur divisions moved to other places, among which […]

Transformation of the Dongying Hotel (n)

Secondly, middle and lower managers should make full use of the management functions of dividing the work, training, incentive and supervision, etc. When implementing the regulation and institution and service standards and procedures of the  hotel, they should set good examples, learning and understanding “ the eight concepts ” that “A manager must do well […]